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Can i play spore online?

My friend gave me his finished and working copy of spore because he finished it, i entered the key which came with the disk, and everything worked and installed perfectly, except the online, whenever i try to use online it says the registration key couldnt work or sumfin. is this because it has already been installed on another pc? how can me and my friend cancel his account and start mine?Can i play spore online?
if the game requires the disc to play then you could have mispelled the key. if it doesnt require the disc then you have to be the only one playing it online if he plays it while you are trying to connect then the game kicks both users from the online game. if this doesnt help then call the number on the game box for help they will always help you. it worked for me so it should work for you.

Spore registration problem ?

every time i try and register spore it says the registration key used for installing this game cannot be validated

what to do?(BEST ANSWER)Spore registration problem ?
there are 3 possibilities to what is happening here.

1. the DRM is screwing you

2. you already registered the game

3. you got your copy of the game from an illegal source

what do you do...

1. contact EA, they probably wont do anything but it's worth a shot.

2. you can't register it more than once, use the original ea account email and password to access the bonus stuff

3. you can't register it because you didn't buy the game and therefore can't play onlineSpore registration problem ?
You should probably call their company and ask. There's probably a phone number on the box. And did you already register i on a different computer? Because if so it won't work for both.

Spore game problem... please help, first decent answer is best!?

I recently bought spore galactic edition and after instalation, and entering product key, it says" There seems to be a problem contacting the license server"

wtf is wrong???

any way around it?Spore game problem... please help, first decent answer is best!?
Try this, it work for me.

An italian guy found and post on an italian forum the solution!

* Open Terminal

* Go to /etc directory (cd /etc)

* Open the hosts file (sudo nano hosts)

* Insert your admin password

* Delete the line ""

* Save file with ctrl+X and press Y.

* Start and enjoy SporeSpore game problem... please help, first decent answer is best!?
This is most probably an issue caused by such a large number of people attempting to contact the license server. It is especially likely considering the sheer amount of copies Spore has probably already sold. Simply waiting a day or two should resolve the issue, if not sooner.

Why cant I play spore?!? Cant verify ownership?

So I upgraded my sound card and my video card and i was excited to play spore again!! but it asks for my cd key and when I enter it, it says that it cannot verify please reinstall?? but i really dont want to reinstall and lose all of my planets!

what do i do?Why cant I play spore?!? Cant verify ownership?
use this cd key: 88JS-8S4R-N4Q2-TVPA-4GB7

or go to this site and download a "no CD crack" it lets you play the game without a CD.鈥?/a>

Does anyone have a Spore product code?

I let somebody borrow it because I stopped playing for awhile but now it says that too many computers are using the same key.Does anyone have a Spore product code?
this video shows lots of codes:鈥?/a>
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  • Did EA rip me off with the spore game?

    "i bought a spore game from a store. i inserted into my pc and downloaded it. it asked me for a product code and i entered it from my manual. then it made me download the EA manger. after i downloaded it, i couldn't find the spore game anywhere on my computer. so i opened the manager and logined into my account, and went to the activation tab and put in the product key from my spore manual. i put in the code and it told me it wasn't related to a digital download game. i tried again and it told me that it was not valid. i tried one more time to make sure i didin't make a mistake in the key and it again told me that it wasn't related to a digital download game.

    the maunual isn't very helpful. how do i properly download the game?

    and when i put the CD back into the PC it just runs, and doesn't launch anything."

    okay, basically, the code doesn't work. yes, i doubled checked. then triple checked.

    it doesn't work.

    due to copyright issues, i can return a opened game. screw them.

    the code doesn't work. i recently read an article after buying the game (yes, im a dumbass) that EA was messing up the codes thus, scamming off consumers and caused a lawsuit as well.

    how do i file a complaint to the government or something to get my money back? i spent 50.00 dollars on that **** and in this economy, it's not helping at all.

    :CDid EA rip me off with the spore game?
    You can return an opened game that doesn't work. You just can't get a refund for it. Usually in this situation the store will allow you to exchange it for the exact same item.Did EA rip me off with the spore game?
    If you're using windows Vista the game most likely installed correctly and can be found under the 'Games' option in the start bar, along with solitaire etc.

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    My spore is broken please help?

    I tried to install the latest patch. it downloaded and said "error: You need to put the spore patch in the spore". or something. I did this because i downloaded galactic adventures and it said it would install the patch then the game. it tried and came up with an error. so i tried intalling the patch before i redownloaded the expansion again. So how can i fix it? i cant reinstall the whole game because i lose the key and the cdMy spore is broken please help?
    You have installed the wrong no cd patch for Spore Galactic Adventures, I had the same problem after I installed Spore G A on my SporeApp game. Visit my website and go to the section Downloads, scroll down and you will see Spore and Spore Galactic Adventures crack,they work great for me , tested.