Friday, March 9, 2012

Where can i get spore?

ok so i lost my spore disc but i have the cd key cause spore is still on my computer and i found the key in one of its files problem is its not working and i need to reinstall it. can you tell if i can reinstall it without disc somehow or how i can reinstall it without haveing to pay for it again.Where can i get spore?
if you lost the disc and cant find it. the only way to reinstall it is to buy another game. the key will only work with the disc it came with. hope this helps
wal-mart ******:)heheheeheheheheheh get a lifeWhere can i get spore?
if you've lost the key, e-mail or call spore by the contact info on and arrange to get a new key. I had to do the same thing
gamestop, wal-mart, target, etcWhere can i get spore?
borrow a copy from a friend or try using a demo where you normally have to pay for the key
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walmart target gamestop eb games toysrus but for best price buy it now on ebay you could also try

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