Friday, March 9, 2012

Spore registration problem ?

every time i try and register spore it says the registration key used for installing this game cannot be validated

what to do?(BEST ANSWER)Spore registration problem ?
there are 3 possibilities to what is happening here.

1. the DRM is screwing you

2. you already registered the game

3. you got your copy of the game from an illegal source

what do you do...

1. contact EA, they probably wont do anything but it's worth a shot.

2. you can't register it more than once, use the original ea account email and password to access the bonus stuff

3. you can't register it because you didn't buy the game and therefore can't play onlineSpore registration problem ?
You should probably call their company and ask. There's probably a phone number on the box. And did you already register i on a different computer? Because if so it won't work for both.

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