Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lost Spore Registration Key...?

This is a long story so I'll make it short and sweet

1. I had a screw up with my Sims 3 custom content.

2. I manually uninstalled and deleted EVERYTHING including the spore folders

3. Well the game is messed up and uninstalled

4. I threw away the game manuals a long time ago :(

5. Is there a way to find my registration key? I contacted EA but it's the weekend, and obviously they don't work on weekends. I'M DESPERATE.

6. I had a solid copy, and a Spore ID, my game IS registered, I have an EA account, I had all 4 of the Spore PC games.

7. Could I find it via my account settings? Or do I have to wait till..... tomorrow? :o

8. I went to my EA account and found no where that indicated my registered games

Any help is appreciated!Lost Spore Registration Key...?
contact them at

if the game IS registered, and after passing their verification check

they'll give you the key.

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