Friday, March 9, 2012

How does spore work (read description)?

Is it just like Tomb Raider? Do you just create a free spore account, buy the Spore CD, install it and you can play? Or do you have to buy a key or whatever? I'm really confused.How does spore work (read description)?
There are a couple options when it comes to Spore... You can buy a CD which comes with a key or you can chose to purchase it online, the EA store and Steam being two of the options. If you purchase online, the game should be ready to play once you finish downloading. Once you have purchased and installed the game in some way, you should be prompted to create a Spore account or sign in if you have one already. The account is completely free and no disks are needed to play.

Happy Sporing!How does spore work (read description)?
You buy the game and it has the Cd, the Cd key, and makes you create an account.

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