Friday, March 9, 2012

Can i play spore online?

My friend gave me his finished and working copy of spore because he finished it, i entered the key which came with the disk, and everything worked and installed perfectly, except the online, whenever i try to use online it says the registration key couldnt work or sumfin. is this because it has already been installed on another pc? how can me and my friend cancel his account and start mine?Can i play spore online?
if the game requires the disc to play then you could have mispelled the key. if it doesnt require the disc then you have to be the only one playing it online if he plays it while you are trying to connect then the game kicks both users from the online game. if this doesnt help then call the number on the game box for help they will always help you. it worked for me so it should work for you.

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