Friday, March 9, 2012

Help with spore plz!!?

Spore registration key plz. I promise I wont play online!!?

I bought the game from the salvation army but there was no manual please help. I promise I won't play online I just wanna play it.Help with spore plz!!?
There is no way anybody will give you their registration key without some means of payment. Spore can only play online, so there isn't any difference if you say you will play offline. That's not how it works. You say you bought it from the Salvation Army, which definitely isn't true, seeing as the Salvation Army help out the poor, and your saying you have a computer. FYI poor people don't have computers. Also, the Salvation Army wouldn't be selling video games, let alone Spore. If you really did buy it from the "Salvation Army" a.k.a. Limewire then ask them for a code, don't go on Yahoo! answers
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