Friday, March 9, 2012

Games to create your own characters like SPORE?

i want to get the Spore game but i wanted to know if there is anything like it. I have the Sims and i dont wanna know anything like animal crossing or Mii's. i just want a good game where creation is key and thats what i love. The creativity these games need inspires me to work on my own paintings. PLEASE HELP! i dont want my mom getting me a 70 dollar game for christmas (im too nice to let her do that =]) Games to create your own characters like SPORE?
.... its a growing genre but based on how much u want player created then id have to suggest.... Black And White. The original gave you the most freedom. u are a god and can basicly rule your ppl how u want to Evil And Good. thus its name..... u have an animal avatar with very complexed programing that feels just like a pet! the second has more rts elements but the original fits what u want beter...

if u really want to go deep there is the RPG Maker series: RMXP is prbbly the best (its for PC, but there is a new one for PC now.)

if you are willing to fall out a bit there is the games that let you do what u want to, though not create it.... gta, nwn, kotor and on....

so far Spore is probably as deep as it goes when it comes to player creationGames to create your own characters like SPORE?
get some kinda build a theme park thing..

i can't think of much else, my mind is pretty much blank.. sorry

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