Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spore registration says "Registration key could not be verified". I don't know whats going on.?

ok this is something called Securom(sucks) read this:


On September 7, 2008 EA released Spore, which uses SecuROM. Despite EA's efforts, Spore has seen relatively substantial rates of illegal piracy among peer-to-peer groups, and with a reported 1.7 million downloads over BitTorrent networks, it was the most-pirated game of 2008.[14][15] EA requires the player to authenticate the game online upon installation.[16] This system was announced after the originally planned system met some opposition from the public, as it would have required authentication every ten days.[17] The product key of an individual copy of the game would only be authenticated on up to three computers.[18] In response to customer complaints, this limit was raised to five computers.[19]

As a result of its inclusion with Spore, a class-action lawsuit was filed by Maryland resident Melissa Thomas within U.S. District Court against Electronic Arts.[20][21] The lawsuit has been followed up by several others.for more info use this link:


so keep trying or u can call them or email them

hope that helps :)Spore registration says "Registration key could not be verified". I don't know whats going on.?
To prevent piracy, EA has decided nobody in the entire world is allowed to own a legal copy of Spore.

I've decided to completely boycott EA.
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