Friday, March 9, 2012

How do you capture a video in Spore?

I know there's an in-game screen camcorder type thing...

What I don't know is how to use it!

So is there a combination of keys I have to hit, or do I have to type something into the cheat-box...?

Please help!!How do you capture a video in Spore?
I think you click it and then you are recording??? If that doesn't work you might want to look in the spore booklet for help. You could probably fing the answer At do you capture a video in Spore?
Do you mean that you what to record games on your PC?

If so, what you need is a screen video capture program.

I used to record WOW and NFS using TSR. Click this link to have a look

Hope this will be helpful for you! Good luck
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