Saturday, March 3, 2012

Help! Spore CD Key??

I just bought a used copy of Spore from the game store, but unfortunately it did not come with a CD-Key. what can I do??Help! Spore CD Key??
Well that is weird. I am sure if you go back to the store with the receipt, they should help you. Where are you looking for the key? It should be inside on the back of the instruction booklet. Anyways how do I know you're not scamming people? I know a lot of people say they "lost" it or it "doesn't work" Be a grown up, buy it or go back where you bought it from and talk it over with them. Anyone who posts a key on here is crazy. I'd give you mine but "the used copy of Spore I have did not come with a CD key" either.Help! Spore CD Key??
id give ya mine..... but idk where it is.... find a used one online the online spore world is lame.....
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