Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How do I delete an account on Spore?

My brother bought Spore a while ago, but it didn't work on his laptop so he gave it to me. He made an account on EA and everything, so (after much toil) we managed to delete it. I just reinstalled Spore to see if it would let me register, and it said the same as always: "Sorry, but the CD key used to register this game cannot be validated". What is wrong, and (more importantly) how do I fix it? Answers ASAP please.How do I delete an account on Spore?
EA use SecuROM, whihc menas you only get 3 installs of the gmae, nad cna only have one account registered to the game.

Email EA to see about it getting chasnged. if they do nothing hten email a games site or soemthign and kick up enough fuss, EA will hopeuflly remove SecuROM if enough peopel have problems.( ididnt have your issue, but i had a few Error waringing when i tired to first play it)

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