Saturday, March 3, 2012

I need a Spore Key code?

i have been wanting spore for awhile now and i finally bought but there is no key code!!! i tried key gens called people but cant get it can someone give me one pleaseI need a Spore Key code?
If you mean key code look on instruction manuel for numbers like I did to play idiot.
Wekk maybe some people do not have the instruction manual. dah!

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I need a Spore Key code?
here are some if somebody need them:







no problem people;)

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No one will give you one. The registration codes can only be used once and are tied to an online account which you need to play Spore.

I suggest that you return the game and tell them your problem and perhaps receive a new copy. If they won't give you one, buy a new one. Spore doesn't cost that much anymore.

You might have gotten unlucky with your purchase, but don't go begging for registration codes for Spore. It won't help.I need a Spore Key code?
no, cheeky get

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